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I love being able to give our customers what I call the complete design solution; meaning design, prototyping and manufacture of your product in any volume and to any reasonable budget. I have worked extensively with industries throughout the UK and I, through my industrial database, can find suppliers for a multitude of industrial manufacturing processes. I have also worked with the ILO (International Labour Organisation) in order to build up a database of international suppliers that have exemplary manufacturing facilities and that have an exceptional working environment. I believe manufacturing should be a positive experience for customer, employer and employee irrespective were in the world the work is carried out.

In house I can work a limited variety of metals and plastics, but I am constantly working on expanding the variety of in house manufacturing processes we can offer our customers. I am happy to develop new services and processes for our customers if their prototyping needs require a process we cannot already satisfy in house. I like having the ability to offer our customers large discounts on one off and prototyping manufacture, I do this by ensuring our manufacturing overheads are as low as I can keep them. I like to pass on to our customers the benefit of my studies in manufacturing efficiency.