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Electrical Design and Prototyping

I taught myself electrical circuit theory and design through a variety of online resources such as the MIT open courseware platform. I also have practiced and experimented with electrical circuit design over the past few years.

The electrical circuit, for me, is a tool to get a job done therefore my circuits do not often look attractive being mainly constructed on strip board or bread board. This is why no images are featured on this site.

I prefer digital to analogue circuitry, primarily because working in the digital domain allows for easy communication between PC and the embedded system. I have taught myself assembly language but I prefer using embedded C as code is far easier to maintain and the efficiences granted by using assembler are often unrequired.

I have designed power supplies, LCD and servo control circuitry. I am currently looking at the design of continuous data loggers for specific industrial applications in which a low sample rate input is buffered then written to hard drive allowing for many billions of continuous samples to be logged. The main aim of this project is to establish a stable USB to microcontroller interface as previouly I have been using a parallel port which is not availble on modern computers.