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Engineering Design

I love applying my technical knowledge to complex problems. I, in my years in industry, have designed a wide variety of components and assemblies for many industries. I work to standards such as BS, EN and ISO and I have always produced high quality design to satisfy customer requirements.

In addition to this I have preformed stress analysis of many complex structures and geometries. I have good mathematical skills and I am capable of deriving governing equations for systems. I use my own software where applicable to assist with calculation and perform simulation.

I have worked on a variety of industry standard engineering software and have a great understanding of CAD and FEA, I am also looking into CFD but have never had the opportunity to work with fluids. I have build my software to interact directly with the leading CAD software on the market, optimising and refining outputs to suit specific industrial requirements.

I have written and maintained engineering systems and processes. I have produced a variety of technical reports and documentation for industries with very specific requirements.

Moreover I have enjoyed every minute of my technical life, I have build amazing working relations with great people and had the opportunity to work with some of the best engineers and craftsmen in the North East. I would love to work with you on your project.

In this area of the site I talk about a few of the projects I have worked on. Unfortunately I do not have access to the majority of the projects.